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Meet Valerie Niles

Receptionist /Administrative Assistant — Caribbean Juris Chambers

Mrs. Valerie Niles is a dedicated and honest professional, currently serving as the Front Desk Clerk at Caribbean Juris Chambers. With an impressive background spanning over 25 years in customer service and 17 years in administrative roles, she brings a wealth of experience to her position. Her fundamental belief is that exceptional customer service forms the foundation of any successful organization, and she consistently exemplifies this by treating everyone, from clients to colleagues, with the utmost respect.

In addition to her professional commitment, Mrs. Niles is an active and esteemed member of the Church of God of Prophecy, where she actively participates in various church activities. Her dedication to both her faith and her community is truly commendable, highlighting her strong sense of community and social responsibility.

Outside of her work and church commitments, Mrs. Niles finds joy in several activities. She has a passion for singing and takes pleasure in using her talents to inspire and uplift others. Her knack for encouraging and motivating those around her is a testament to her caring and supportive nature. Moreover, she has a keen interest in experiencing new cultures, reflecting her curiosity about the world and its diversity. Her ultimate goal is to utilize every experience that comes her way to enhance her personal and professional skills.

With her extensive background in customer service and administration, her unwavering commitment to her faith and community, and her passion for personal growth and cultural exploration, Mrs. Valerie Niles is a truly admirable individual who brings a wealth of positivity and dedication to every facet of her life. She undoubtedly makes a significant impact in both her professional and personal spheres.