Benjamine Group of Companies

Meet Cora Benjamin

Manager — Benjamine Company Services

Ms. Benjamin embarked on her career journey with the Benjamine Group of Companies in 2007 as an accountant assistant. Over the years, her dedication, commitment, and pursuit of knowledge have propelled her into a prominent role within the organization.

She completed her Diploma in Business Administration studies at Btech Higher Learning National, Anguilla Community College in 2021. This educational milestone provided her with a solid understanding of the principles of business administration and laid the groundwork for her future success continuing her educational journey. Ms. Benjamin earned a Level 1 Certificate in Supervisory Management at the University of the West Indies Anguilla Open Campus in 2022. This certificate reinforced her leadership skills and her ability to manage teams effectively.

She is currently pursuing further studies in Financial Accounting at the University of the West Indies Anguilla Open Campus, showcasing her dedication to mastering her field and staying updated with industry trends.

With over 17 years of dedicated service to the organization, Ms. Benjamin has become an integral part of the company's success. In her current role as the Office Manager of Benjamine Company Services (Company management), she holds a pivotal position with responsibilities spanning Accounting, Finance, and administrative operations.

Ms. Benjamin's journey from accountant assistant to Office Manager at the Benjamine Group of Companies is a testament to her perseverance, dedication to learning, and outstanding contributions. Ms. Benjamin's career trajectory exemplifies the remarkable potential for growth and success within an organization when talent and determination converge.