Benjamine Group of Companies

Meet Patricia Hodge

Office Manager/Paralegal — Caribbean Juris Chambers

Professional Career: Patricia Hodge aka Pat has had a successful career as a Paralegal at Caribbean Juris Chambers for over three decades under the tutelage of Mr. John Benjamin KC . Her work in this field has allowed her to develop skills in drafting legal documents, particularly, in the areas of Divorce Law and Non-Contentious Probate and supporting the legal needs of her clients.

Family and Community Commitment: Pat is dedicated to her family, having raised her biological daughters, and fostering several other girls over the years. This demonstrates her generosity, compassion, and commitment to the well-being of children in her community.

Community Service: Pat goes above and beyond in assisting her community, she is presently the President of Sandy Ground Community Council, she is also the assistant Secretary/Treasurer of our National Sport Boat Racing. She has been a valuable asset to the US Embassy representatives, providing support to the Anguillian community. She offers her services as a Commissioner for Oaths pro bono to those who cannot afford it, assisting with various legal forms and applications for UK and Anguilla passports, Naturalisations and British Citizenship and US Visas.

Faith and Values: Pat is described as a professing Christian who finds strength in her faith. The quote from Philippians 4:13 reflects her reliance on her Christian beliefs in her daily life.

Personality: Pat is described as being forthright kind of person, indicating her authenticity and straightforward nature. She is also known as a genuine lover and nurturer of people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Pat enjoys simple pleasures in life, such as singing and spending quality time with her family. These interests likely contribute to her well-rounded and fulfilling life.

Patricia Hodge is a remarkable individual who combines her professional career with a deep commitment to her faith, family, and community. Her generosity, compassion, and integrity shines through in her actions and contributions to her community and at Benjamine Group of Companies.